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Battery Manufacturing

Battery Manufacturing

Lithium-Ion has the highest power density of any rechargeable battery chemistry. It is lightweight and offers an excellent cycle life of even more than 500, making it the ideal energy solution to meet the needs of various industries and their many new design energy requirements.

Myoniks has the capability to custom design a Lithium-Ion battery pack to fit your product’s specific needs. From small single-cell groups to large battery packs, Myoniks can design safe and reliable solutions to meet your specifications.

Myoniks prides itself on using only the highest quality cells to make Lithium-Ion battery packs. We take the utmost care to ensure that all batteries meet the highest safety standards before leaving our facility. 

  • Technology

    Direct ink writing has recently gained significant attention for energy applications. This printing process is unique in its ability to extrude continuous filaments at room temperature since the solidification of the printed filament does not rely on temperature but on the rheological properties of the ink.

Manufacturing, Engineering And Service Facilities

Battery Manufacturing

We have technologies for extending battery life from manufacturing to initial use, repeated usage, and recycling.

To support our aspirations of electrification and decarbonization, the battery manufacturing sector is flourishing and expanding quickly. We need a technological leap because incremental technical advancements cannot keep up with exponential development.

As a sector, we want new guidelines for sustainable operations that guarantee the best possible use of priceless raw resources throughout the battery production process through the use of data, quality assurance, and transparency. These guidelines will assure the safety of final products on a bigger scale while preserving business margins and respecting the environment.

The knowledge and use of ultrasonic capabilities by Myoniks provides essential solutions for ground-breaking quality control at different phases of the lithium-ion cell manufacturing process. We quickly and fully check each battery, immediately identifying molecular flaws, examining the larger picture, and providing the production line with useful information.

The foundation of Myoniks is the conviction that a clean, electrified future is possible. Batteries that are secure, efficient, and affordable will be needed in this future in addition to renewable energy sources so that we can utilize energy when and when we need it.

Battery makers are under a lot of strain as a result of the market-wide recalls caused by production problems, the raw material shortage, and the quickly rising demand for batteries, all of which are ripe for disruption. Globally, dozens of new battery production facilities have been announced, some by freshly formed cell manufacturing firms. All of these facilities are seeking cutting-edge engineering that may assist improve workflow, boost productivity, and reduce waste.

By minimizing manufacturing variability, we want to achieve 100% cell testing and classification, improve battery production quality, and decrease waste. As a consequence, we produce batteries that are safer, last longer, and perform better, getting ever-closer to the ideal of absolutely homogenous cells.

Grading of cells according to their capacity and expected lifespan performance is made possible by high resolution, in-line cell inspection, which has a significant positive impact on battery manufacturing. As cells are created and pass through our in-line scanning process, manufacturing metrics enable us to recognize and monitor product variability in real time.

Our system for ensuring the quality of battery cells combines hardware, software, and machine learning algorithms to examine each battery cell that is manufactured in-line using automated machinery.

The testing apparatus is complemented by an intuitive dashboard that was created to assist quality specialists in tracking and reporting cell production variations and ultimately creating predictive models.

  • We take valuable components out of lithium-ion batteries and put them back into the supply chain.

    We provide end-to-end services to meet the unique needs of our valued clientele.

We provide customized, environmentally responsible solutions for each of our customers’ battery recycling needs, as well as the support and guidance needed at each step to ensure that your battery recycling experience is handled in a way that is safe, knowledgeable, and financially viable.

Battery management systems (BMS) regulate lithium-ion batteries’ performance, safety, and durability. These and other essential BMS activities, including as state identification, balanced charge cycle assurance, cell voltage assessment, and others.

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